Certainly also a look at the analytics of numbers and data, whether actual good or bad, where is what do not know what should I Hodokose the improvement How so by chance , should people is often a problem that.

If you try to analyze exactly, it will take time, and few people can do it. The service that tells the point of this simple way “If you fix this here” will be better, it may be said to be a simple consulting service.

What is amazing is not only the so-called data itself, but it also analyzes the contents of the conversation. Does it make a suggestion for improvement after doing negative negotiations?

No no, is not this amazing …?

AI points out improvement points


Users and customers can gain robust insight on what to do next and how to improve the weak points on the conversation flow.

Is it useful for both the user experience and the technical side?

The system first processes the data, extracts what is judged to be important, merges it with the alternative plan, outputs realistic measures, and after a while it will be an automated process.

With Bot’s analytics, AI seems to be able to learn data, grasp the trends, and eventually to present suggestions for improvement and alternatives. In the training data, there seem to be several clusters for extracting insight, and it is pulling data to train AI from the bot held on the system .

The report generated by Botanalytics Assistant

  • Onboarding
  • Conversational Flow
  • Functionality
  • Personality
  • NLP & AI Scores
  • Bottlenecks
  • Statistics

There are seven types of titles, each of which shows the score according to the specified items in each field, measures and hints for improvement displayed.

Personality , for example , includes conversation analysis based on emotional analysis and improvement measures to enhance engagement, and marketers and developers will implement engagement according to it and carry out measures accordingly, thereby leading to engagement with users It has become like feeling.

It analyzes places that people can not do rather than AI as a person’s substitute. What a sense of this future.

An assistant function you care. What are the benefits of using it?

It’s an independent analytics service for chat bots and there are advice for developers who are capable of supporting various frameworks Botanalytics, so it seems worth using it.

Previously there was a problem that I could not retrieve data of queries · There was a problem that I could not retrieve, but it seems to compensate to some extent by adding this function. It’s more convenient than collecting and analyzing data on more individual frameworks and platforms .

Botanalytics Assistant is available for Botanalytics registrants for $ 99 per month premium service (this service is free registration). If you are suffering from bot data analysis and remedial measures, why do not you try using it?

It seems that these services will continue to increase rapidly.