Smartwash electronic bidet toilet seat can offer excess, comfort, and cleanliness for toilet seat contingent upon the model that you have picked and the features that you can insist. An electric bidet toilet seat include features like

Hands Free Toilet
Toilet with spout cleaner
Toilet with water pressure controller
Self Cleaning Toilet

based on various models.

The SmartWash Automated Toilet Seats are stacked with modern technology which recognizes the temperature of water. So With just a touch of a catch you can choose the temperature which is most comfortable and cleansing for your specific toilet needs and preferences. During winter months temperature of the water can be modified based on the requirement and comfort.
The SmartWash Electronic Bidets provide different altered wash settings for clean and comfortable toilet experience.
Dr Wiesner Home automation Solutions are providing various innovative sanitation equipment’s and electronic bidets in that are the perfect fit with your budget and your bidet preferences.


SmartWash Ease



SmartWash Elate


SmartWash Sensa

SmartWash Ease

With SmartWash Ease, we ensure personal hygiene at its best in your restroom. A rimless design and advanced cleaning features make it a smart choice for your home. The Feminine washing feature is perfect for women and rear cleansing nozzles assure touch-free rear cleansing.



Wash Functions:

Cleanse: A touch-free rear cleansing offered by a smart technology

Fem: Different washing options to allow gender-specific cleaning. A feminine cleaning feature offers better sanitation and comfort during menstruation and pregnancy.

Boost: Enjoy a refreshing cleansing at high water pressure.

Essential Functions:

Massage: A back and forth massaging movement for refreshed cleaning

Seat Sensor: SmartWash Ease senses your presence for automated operations.

Spout Position: Adjustable washing spout positions ultimate sanitation

Water Pressure: Use WC more comfortably with adjustable water temperature from the spout.

Spout Auto Cleaning: Allows automatic rinsing of the spout before use

E-Save: A sensible technology that saves electricity by turning off the heating system. The seat can be adjusted to sleep mode when it is not in use.

Maintenance Functions:

Seat Release Button: When pushed, this button helps in easy uninstalling of the seat.

Spout Cleaning: An automatic cleaning of the spout after every use.

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How to Install: An easy fitting guide for your SmartWash Seat

SmartWash Elate


SmartWash Elate reflects a sensible design that can adjust to your needs. Make your restroom a comfortable zone with a seat having adjustable temperature settings. So, no more discomforts even in the winters. Enjoy three smart temperature settings to relax you.

Wash Functions

Cleanse: For a smart touch-free and hygienic washing option

Fem: Designed for gender-sensitive needs of the women. It offers enhanced cleansing and comforts during the menstruation and pregnancy.

Boost: Enjoy an energizing cleansing with water released at full pressure.

Essential Functions:

Massage: The spout offers sensible back and forth massaging movement for complete refreshment every morning.

Seat Sensor: Smart seat that senses your presence and operates without touch

Spout Position: Self-positioning spout to suffice gender-specific washing needs.

Water Pressure: Adjustable settings for water pressure emitting from the spout to suit the comforts of the user.

Spout Auto Cleaning: Automated cleaning of the spout before every use

E-Save: Save electricity when the seat is not in use. This feature turns off the system and puts it in a sleep mode.

Comfort Functions:

Seat Temperature: A comfortable temperature setting for the seat that keeps the seat warm in the winters

Maintenance Functions:

Seat Release Button: Easy uninstalling of the seat with a simple push of a button.

Spout Cleaning: Automated cleaning of the spout after every use to maintain the hygiene

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How to Install: A simple guide to help you in fitting the SmartWash Elate Seat

SmartWash Sensa


SmartWash Sensa uses an intelligent technology to offer smart designs that are responsive to your senses. This advanced personal hygiene system can instantly adjust the temperature of the water and the seat with a simple touch of a button. It has an intuitive control panel for adjustable water and seat temperature.


Wash Functions:

Cleanse: With a self-cleaning bidet nozzle, it takes personal hygiene to a whole new level.

Fem: The women-friendly design that offers feminine washing feature for easy cleansing and enhanced comfort during menstruation along with reduced UTI risks.

Boost: Enjoy a refreshed cleaning with water at a high pressure

Child: An easier and safer cleansing for your kids

Essential Functions:

Massage: The design ergonomics are enhanced by back and forth movement of spout that offers a refreshing massage.

Seat Sensor: Auto open and close function via sensor

Spout Position: Enjoy better cleaning with smart washing spout for adjustable positioning.

Water Pressure: Different washing functions and water pressure emanating from the spout.

Spout Auto Cleaning: The spout is automatically rinsed with fresh water every time it comes out.

E-Save: You can save electricity by turning off the heat and putting the seat in a sleep mode when system is unoccupied.

Comfort Functions:

Integrated Operating Panel with comprehensive features and advanced sensor technology

Seat Temperature: Adjusts the seat temperature for subtle warmth.

Water Temperature: 3 settings for choosing the suitable water temperature

Pulse: A controlled spray of water to facilitate easy bowel movement

Dryer to activate the drying fan

Dryer Temperature: 3 adjustable temperature settings for post-cleansing drying.

Spa: Enjoy the spa experiences in your bathroom for refreshing mornings

Maintenance Functions:

Seat Release Button: Facilitates easy uninstalling by pressing a button

Spout Cleaning: For cleaning the spout after use

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How to Install: SmartWash Seat Fitting Made Easy

SmartWash Ease


SmartWash Elate


SmartWash Sensa