Jio Feature Phone Key Announcements:

Jio 4G feature phone - 4G featured jiophone

*pre-booking from 24 August
*free of cost (1,500 as refundable security deposit for 3 years)
*digital payment (NFC)
*2.4-inch display
*SD card slot & Torch light
*calls and data which Supports 4G VoLTE data plans for device starting at Rs 153 for the device
*India-based developers has designed HTML5 apps which will be installed in phone

Reliance Jio has Announced that it will give 1:1 Bonus on Shares largest bonus issue in India.

RIL CEO Ambani declared that shareholders will be getting bonus share for every share held

JioPhone pre-booking dates – 24 August with a a security deposit of Rs 1,500!
JioPhone pre-booking dates has been slated for 24 August! And user has to pay a security deposit of Rs 1,500 for 3 years!

More features of JioPhone include:

*A distress call system,
*Jio Music,
*Jio Cinema,
*Jio TV,
*Powerful speaker
*Supports 22 major languages

For the recharge of Rs 153/month:

*users get free voice calls,
*unlimited data,
*subscribe to Jio apps for free


Jio had started the beat testing the JioPhone from 15 August, which means the company had started testing the device with a select number of users. 

For users, the JioPhone will be available for pre-booking this month starting 24 August, which is just three days away. Here’s how you can own the device at Rs 0. However, remember you will be paying Rs 1500 as refundable deposit that you can claim after three years. With the phone, you can access the new Rs 153 data plan for unlimited data and free calls, along with the new cheaper sachets announced.

Here’s what you need to do right now. Head to and you will see a banner like the one seen below:

Reliance JioPhone bookings begin in three days - bik5

Once you click on the ‘Keep me Posted’, it will take you a form  like the one seen below:

Here’s how to register JioPhone:



Here's how to register jiophone - bik5

You need to fill in all the details mentioned above, check the box and then click on submit.

You can start registering for the Jio Phone. - Bik5


The page will then display “Thank you for registering interest!. You will soon also get an email thanking you for your interest. It will state that the team will contact you shortly. However, the phone will be made available only from September.

At the Reliance AGM 2017, Mukesh Ambani spoke about the 40 years of the Reliance journey. But the biggest announcement remained the highly anticipated Jio Phone. The company has announced the all-new Jio phone at Rs 0 or  free.

Akash and Esha Ambani took to the stage to unveil the Jio Phone and highlighted that the device has familiar design, intentionally, but comes with some cool features like voice command support and a distress call feature.

The specs include a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a four-way navigation button, alphanumeric keypad, SD card slot, torchlight, headphone jack, mic, speaker and FM Radio. NFC support is expected to come later this year.

The company also announced new data plans for the JioPhone users:

Rs 153
The new offer for Jiophone users is priced at just Rs 153 for free 4G data along with unlimited calls and SMS. There will also be access to Jio apps. And, the unlimited data will come with a cap of 0.5GB 4G data per day. The speed will be 128kbps once you have exhausted the 0.5GB 4G data per day.

Rs 23
At Rs 23, JioPhone users will get a small recharge pack, which the company calls sachet, for free voice calls, SMS and unlimited data with a validity of two days.

Rs 53
Just like the Rs 23 sachet, it also offers Rs 53 sachet.  However, its validity is a week-long. It also offers unlimited voice calls and SMS and access to Jio apps, along with unlimited data.