There was lots of talk about the usage of Artificial Intelligence chatbots in the last couple weeks, particularly given the news that Facebook is trying to implement AI in their Messenger and WhatsApp platforms, that are presently utilized by more than 1.8 billion people around the world. Client Service is probably going to be the most typical usage of AI chatbots, but may also show to be the most divisive. Partially, this is because they could be used surreptitiously, whether which be sat in Starbucks, at the desk at work, or fell off on the floor next to the broken washer. Mark Zuckerberg described at Facebook’s latest keynote presentation in Apr, that Facebook Messenger chatbot feature may be an incident of choosing the name of the business you need to contact, typing your question, and after that receiving an answer in rich media type

No more about the music and being asked for the mother’s maiden name for the twelfth time. With the majority of companies having some sort of existence on Facebook already, and Customer relationship management likely the most crucial facets to a brand public image, the execution of this technology on an international scale is not far off.

What is Chatbot (Chatbot)?

In addition to VR, AI, automatic driving, the chatbot is talked about recently as a service utilizing the latest technology in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco area. What is a chat bot? What can be done? And I will show you why you should pay attention.

What is chat bot?

A chat bot is a service provided mainly by using an interface based on messenger or chat on a mobile device, eg, LINE, Facebook Messanger, SnapChat, Slack, etc. Users can gather information as if they were “talking” with living human beings. Normally machine algorithms are used, but in some cases it is also possible to achieve advanced conversation by AI.

The chance to be noticed is Facebook’s F8 conference

The chance that chatbot became widely known in the world was the chatbot function using Facebook Messanger released at the F8 conference held in San Francisco in April 2016. Currently, in addition to the Facebook Messenger bot, LINE, Skype, Kik, Telegram etc. have announced similar bots, attention to the bot is rapidly rising.

What kind of scene do you use?

A number of chatbot related services have already been released so far, most of them are news / information system, travel guide system, shopping system. Also, the popularity of Virtual Personal Assistant services that utilize AI is also rising.

Example of service using chatbot:

Weather bot : Bott that answers whenever you hear the weather
Daily necessaries BOT : BOT that will help you order daily necessaries and food items every week
News Bot : Bot to let you know when there’s interesting news
Scheduling Bot : Meetings · Promises with friends Bot telling me when there are plans
Personal assistant bot : It plays the role of a secretary such as schedule and task management

Why should we pay attention?

There is not a big change in the information itself obtained by using the chat bot, and the service provided through the chatbot system application can also be used with existing sites and applications. However, nearly 90% of the time spent on device usage by mobile users has statistics on applications that implement mail and messenger chat UIs .

Also, according to the statistics of BI Intelligence below, it is finally said that the application usage time of the message system exceeded the application use time of the SNS system in 2016, and from now on, by deploying the service in the message type application, It is possible to reach more users.

Chat interface as future UX starred

Also from the user experience perspective, it is thought that a user experience based on “chat interface” as the optimal experience desired by the user will arrive from now on.

What is good when using chat bot?

So what is the benefit to users when using chat bots on mobile devices? In short, it means ” shortcuts to the goals you want to achieve become possible “. The chat type interface is more familiar than the type of page where many users have laid out the image, so it is possible to get less stress on the results you require and arrive in a short time.

For example, in the case of existing online shopping, we have been searching for and purchasing items through the following interfaces. However, doing this on a small screen of mobile is a difficult technique.


Therefore, if you set up an online store with chat bots in a messenger system application, you can deliver the products you want with “dialogue” with the user, and you can expect more sales.

In overseas, chat bot of news system which is already used

EC is not the only one that the chat bot will show its power. Even in acquiring information such as weather forecasts and news, the interactive interface makes it possible to acquire information more personal and quicker than ordinary pages.

How do bots speak with people and answer

The bot has two main functions mainly, enabling advanced conversation with people by making full use of them.

Simple algorithm : You can answer only programmed level questions. An error will occur if a difficult question is asked.
Automatic learning function : It is possible to understand the language and talk using artificial intelligence (AI). In conversation, I can learn more and have self learning ability.
Machine + Human : Machine responds to the basics of the chat bot, but depending on the service, such as customer support, the living human beings may answer from the way.

These methods allow you to return the appropriate response to your request.

Tips for making a bot

In fact, it is not necessary to have such a difficult technology when making bots. Because services etc. which make bots easily are already provided. What becomes more important when creating a chatbot service is the design of the intended service and the correct user experience (UX) to deliver to the user.

Purpose of the service: Who is to use for what purpose

The most important thing in making a chat bot is to create that service. For example, if it is a bot for shopping, the purpose is “to have people buy something”, and if it is a customer service bot it will be “answer customer’s question appropriately”. First of all, the service creation process begins from clarifying its purpose.

Service content: What kind of content will achieve user’s purpose

Then, I will consider what the purpose of the user is and how to achieve that purpose. We clear the user image that uses the service, clarify the purpose that the user wants, and design the service.

User Experience (UX): What is the most appropriate user experience for the above

Another important element is the design of the user experience. If the purpose of the service and the purpose of the user are clarified, what type of UX is required to experience the ultimate purpose for the most optimum? You need to pay attention to detailed seasoning, such as whether it is better to shorten the maximum time or whether to give a little play.

For example, Poncho, a weather forecasting application, is a quite playful app that emphasizes playfulness, saying “Oh my, my former Kano is from San Francisco! This seasoning will become a very important factor when designing chat bots.