So you must have heard dieticians recommending jeera water or ajwain water or even barley water or even lemon-honey water. But ever wondered why your dietician is recommending you flavoured and infused water more than regular drinking water?

Drinking water is a great way of detoxification and boosting metabolism. But what’s better is drinking herb infused water. This one has two-fold health benefits. Firstly, it boosts your body metabolism by increasing water intake and secondly it induces weight loss. Herb infused water recipes is easy to make, inexpensive and carry almost no calories at all. They are also known as detox or flavoured waters, with the only catch being that these recipes are healthier and better in terms of taste as well.

herb infused water

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Moreover, research shows that herb infused or flavoured water help in inducing loss and also helps you maintain the same for a prolonged period of time. Whereas, drinking more and more water overtime may even give you extra pounds known as water weight.

Listed before are the many health benefits of drinking herb-infused water:

1. Herb infused water improves your mood

2. Flushes out toxins from the body

3. Naturally induces weight loss by cutting down extra body weight

4. Keeps you full for longer and reduces the frequency of hunger pangs

5. Keeps food moving through your body regularly

6. Improves your body stamina and keeps you moving during workout

7. Helps you recover faster from workout

8. Detox water helps in keeping your skin clear

9. It helps you get relief from chronic headaches, joint pains and stomach aches

10. Your sugar cravings come to a hold and the number of carbs and calories that you consume are also reduced.

herb infused water

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Our expert Dr Ritika Sammadar gives her take on the same. She explains that herb infused waters do not usually promote weight loss because of the herbs added to it. It is because of the fact that due to the added flavour, you end up drinking more water which is primary for weight loss.

She explains that water is the main element for detoxification. When you drink more water, the toxins of your body are flushed out. For people dealing with uric acid, water is the perfect medicine; the more you drink the more you benefit.

Also, with the World Diabetes Day round the corner, she explains that herb infused drinks can also be taken by diabetics for better health. All you need to do is ensure that there is no sugar content in the drink. Ingredients like apple and cinnamon can be used for the herb infused drinks.

herb infused water

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But how much water should a person drink? Like it has been stated drinking too much water can bloat you with it and even lead extra pounds known as water weight. Dr Ritika says that for people dealing with certain health issues, water intake can be limited to some litres. But for a normal and perfectly healthy human being, water intake can be varied on the basis of body weight. 40-50 ml of water per kg of body weight is the standard for every healthy individual.

Infused or detox water is the new cool in the field of weight loss and healthy living. With more and more dieticians promoting the benefits of herb infused water, you need to realize that the primary aim is to get you to drink more water every day. And it’s not just herbs that you need to infuse in water; there is more than you can add to it. You can also prepare fruit infused water for better flavour and relish it all day long; before and after workout to keep you energised and around meals to keep you from overeating.